Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Queen of Perk

I'm not easily annoyed by celebrities, although lately I've noticed a trend: Most of the ones who DO annoy me, are generally blonde (or at least have been at some point).

Take Katie Couric.

This picture couldn't be less flattering, but that's why I'm using it. I don't usually spend much energy despising people I don't know, but Katie is pretty far up on the list, in fact only topped by Britney Spears, for a host of different reasons.

First of all it starts in her cheerleader looks: there's the hair, the stupid grin, that level of perkiness that makes people like me want to slap her up side the head.

She's the girl who comes up to you with the drippiest, perkiest "GOOD MORNING!!!" before you've had a chance to go to Starbucks and get that Triple Grande Latte that keeps you from committing murder.

Secondly, there's the pseudo-journalism thing she's got going on.

I'm a big fan of keeping church and state separate, right along with the words "celebrity" and "journalist". Once you become famous for your journalism, you should immediately retire and start writing books.

However, if you start as a celebrity/talk show host, under no circumstances should you be hired to do the evening news -- particularly if you're a news program that actually considers itself based on journalism, not an episode of VH-1's celebrity gossip shows.

No, I can't stand Katie. It's just to easy to picture what an awful person she would be to work with. My brother works at NBC, and long after I started hating Katie, he told me that everyone he's met that works with her can't stand her.

Surprised, I was not.

I know, I know, her husband died of cancer, and she did an on-air colonoscopy to drive home the importance of getting checked with this rather invasive procedure. Great. Fine. If that makes me mean, so be it.

But I'm sure there's some perky, overly happy sappy person out there in TV land you don't like either, right?



3outta5 said...

FINALLY. Something we can agree on!!!!!! ;-)

Kelly said...

Would it put it over the top for you to know that Katie was a Tri Delta? OK, I too was a Tri Delta, but doesn't she just fit the mold of "sorority bitch"? And I too have heard that she is mean as hell! She is annoying, but Britney is top of my list too!

Tammy said...

Agreed... for those reasons and more that I won't go into...

tims mom said...

Couldn't agree more. She is very annoying. But equally annoying is Meredith Viera, who they hired to replace her.

The networks will see the error of their ways, when their ratings drop.

MissHelen said...

I fall squarely in your camp there Jules...she brings flashbacks of my sorority days...shudder



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