Sunday, February 13, 2005

You're Going to Laugh at the Romance of this...

My husband took me down to Lowe's yesterday and had me pick out a new kitchen faucet. We live in a 95-year-old house in which no home improvement is inexpensive or easy -- so this was quite a feat.

He's under strict orders to not buy me jewelry unless I ask for it, and when I say "I want a vacuum cleaner" for Christmas or "We need a new faucet for Valentine's Day -- It is NOT a trap! I REALLY want that!

I included another photo of the kitties because hey, kittens are cute. Even big 20-lb. ones like the one on the left. Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentine's Day Present & Gratuitous Kitties Photo. Posted by Hello


Sheri said...

Love this new faucet Jules! Lucky lady you are.

Kitties are cute!

Mama Lamb said...

Jules, you are my kind of woman....I m exactly the same way. We live in a house built in 1914 and then maintained by elderly men who thought Sears Roebuck catalog was the epitomy of taste and quality... and then did not do anything to the house for 50 years. I still cherish the faucet we bought about 8 years ago now! And when I could replace the small pink oven that cooked at 450, and only 450... I was in heaven. I still worship the "new" stove. And I am a handwork lover too... quilting, sewing and knitting since I was small. Anyway, this year I got a climbing rose for my flower bed... lovely and romantic. I was hoping just a wee bit for a new shower head, LOL!

Robin (theflock) from PALP
(PS.. I know I mostly lurk there now, but saw your post about the faucet and had to laugh!)


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