Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ode to Chocolate

I am a chocoholic by nature. It occurs to me to give it up, but then my little addicted brain voice says "Why would you want to do THAT?"

Instead, I've learned to manage my habit. It's the last one I have, you see. I quit smoking so many years ago I forgot when, and I only drink alcohol occasionally, so chocolate is all I've got left for a vice. (Let's not talk about coffee, 'cause I can quit that any time I want).

Chocolate does not need to be interfered with. By that, I mean by additives of nuts, fruit, or other of what I call "thinners"...Chocolate should be pure, unadulterated and unencumbered by any other flavors, unless it's by more chocolate.

I make a double chocolate cookie that has insane amounts of chocolate in the dough, and twice the chips of Tollhouse cookies. I call it "Chocolate Held Together By More Chocolate Cookies". They're a big hit at parties. My husband has friends who will come to my parties and stand directly by the plate and eat them in succession until they're gone.

One time a child of a co-worker came by selling chocolate bars. All he had left were the ones with big almonds in them (figures). As I opened it up at home later that evening, I told my husband that I didn't think chocolate needed nuts in it, and his response was "well, what if the nuts need the chocolate?" He's got a point. But I do not need to help the nuts.

Some of the people I feel most sorry for in the world (at least in the category of those living with some sort of dietary restriction) are those who are actually allergic to chocolate. I wonder what life would be like if I liked chocolate but couldn't eat it.

I think that would be about as bad as having a warmongering Texan in the White House.



Lauren said...

Wow... what an insane turn... I'm reading about chocolate and then BAM -- it's a political statement! LOL Whiplash!!!! Whiplash, I say!!!!! Maybe I should sue before they cap the damages! ;o)

Sheri said...

It's funny I open your blog to read about chocolate as I sit here stuffing Hershey kisses in my mouth! lol

Warmonger? what the heck is that?

Tammy said...

Hey Jules... fed your chocolate "thing" with a recipe... check it out (you know where! LOL!) Lovin' your blog so much that I got one for myself. Whaddayathink? You know, you and I may not always agree about everything but you know I love ya!!!


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