Saturday, February 19, 2005

"Panic Won't Pay The Mortgage"

I just got laid off from my job on Friday. I knew it was coming, but it didn't save me from having a hard time with it.

Work had slowed to a crawl as my job duties were transferred to people out of state, and I found myself often walking the dog in the mid-afternoon, starting dinner before my husband got home -- living the life of a part time stay-at-home wife. I tried enjoy the time because I think everyone sees people walking their dogs in the mid-afternoon and wish they could too, but instead they have meetings or other places they're driving to.

But when D-Day came, for some reason it felt strange. I'm sure on Monday when I wake up with nowhere I have to be it will feel even stranger.

This morning I realized that we have a $1,200 tax bill along with my unemployment...that it is going to be tight in the coming weeks unless I find a job quickly. As I started to tell my husband how nervous I was about this (perhaps overstating my feelings by saying I was "scared out of my mind", which in reality I don't think I've ever been), my husband had the perfect words for me: "Panicking Won't Pay the Mortgage".

Well, if he's not right again. I guess if I sat around and got all depressed and didn't leave the house for several weeks, that's not going to get me a job either. Ha.

My husband is one of those people who can tell me "It's going to be all right" and I believe him. He has a way of making me realize that we're in this together, and despite the ups and downs our lives have taken these past 5 years of marriage, we're a team.

I got an internet joke today about how it was a "chain letter" but instead of a letter, we were to pack up our husbands, send them to the person at the top of the list, and in a week I'd get 15,124 more husbands, and one of them had to be better than the one I had. I laughed as I read it to my spouse...I wouldn't trade him for anything, not even 15,124 other choices no matter how rich or otherwise different they may be.

Yeah, I'm lucky.


jeff dandel said...

Good thoughts. Visit me at

Tammy said...

No, mine's better, lol! Really, Jules he is a gem and YOU my friend are blessed. Wishing you a speedy job search and the chance to relax in the meantime.

akiey5 said...

I wish you find the best job out there to bring you the greatest happiness you & your supportive husband surely deserve.
I've been there only somewhat worse I guess coz it happened when I had no one, absolutely no one to turn to but God does provide & for an entire 13 months after I had to quit my job I got more work than I could have imagined possible while I was employed(I work with languages). The past 2 months have been very slow but I'm trying to be focused even as I wonder what's gonna happen next.
Stay positive & be there for that man:)

Sarah said...

You have to keep the husband that makes sense like that! I know that doors will open for you Jules. For right now 'unemployment' can pay the mortgage!


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