Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Grand Day Out

Brian and I have been tag-team parenting every weekend for so long we have started to lose count...Well, there was that little Christmas break, but even then, we were working and studying to some degree.

This past week was a crazy one for me in nursing school. Nursing school is split up into basically three sections: Theory classes/exams (where we learn about disease processes and other nursing theory topics; Skills lab (where we learn how to give injections, run IVs, give tube feedings, etc.) and Clinical (going to a hospital or long term care facility). This past week I had my first clinical week at the hospital, a skills checkoff (showing I had the skill to give subcutaneous injections and hang IV bags), AND an exam on Friday.
Needless to say, by Friday I felt like I'd been spit out at the end of the week.

Brian has been traveling a lot for work too, so he doesn't exactly get to rest either. He's in school to become an electrician on top of that, so each weekend lately has become a routine of us taking turns with Nora and with our school work, and finally sometime Sunday afternoon, trying to spend time as a family.

Today was abnormally warm for a day in January...and the sky opened up with a fabulous blue that we haven't seen since *I think* -- September or October.

So after Brian got up at 5:30 and studied til 10, and I went out and studied til 2...we ran up to Silver Falls for a couple of hours of walking around the South Falls...

At the bottom we had a snack, and boy, I can tell you what a difference it is to walk this trail (some with drop-offs) with a 3-year-old instead of 2+ year old. She's old enough now to understand our instructions to stay away from the edges, and follows it pretty well.

What a fun day it was to get out for a little while!

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