Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Second Term Down

Nursing school is hard.

We're not really allowed to write about our experiences, because well -- you could risk someone figuring out what patient you're talking about, or whatever other breach of confidentiality could occur...

But suffice to say I made it through the second term. I got my first B in a really really long time, and it felt goood. Why? Because I kissed my ALL A's goodbye, and embraced the fact that getting a B was fine. It was getting through, I have the knowledge I need, and perfection isn't everything.

The best meeting was with my advisor today.

She doesn't give out high grades, and I got two of them. She said "You did this. this and this...You're ready for the next level."

I am proudest of being able to handle two patients, to be able to give them meds on my own, and assess their needs and meet them.

And at the end, I made it through.

We lost a lot of really great people from our program this term, because the testing is brutal and for a variety of reasons, they didn't make it through.

For that I am sorry.

But I love school. I'm doing well, and I know this is what I'm meant to do.

Not everyone gets that.

On to Spring Break and a new term!

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