Thursday, July 29, 2010

Potty Training! She's doing it!

Wow, nobody warned me what a horrific pain in the butt it is to try and potty train your kid.

I mean sure, I don't expect her to "get it" the first or third day...

But today has been a long one and despite the messiness of it all (I'll just spare the world the details) Nora did go potty intentionally for the first time today -- actually she did it twice.

She wears underwear ALL day and pull-ups at night. We don't go far from the house, and she seems willing and able.

So here goes!

Last night I snapped this pic of her in her new underwear and her cousin Hannah's Shrek slippers she passed back to us (I gave them to her for Christmas one year ages ago). I also got her some boy's underwear because they're WAY more comfy than some of the girls lacy stuff, and much cuter!

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