Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Few Projects...

The big hairy project that's been waiting for me since we moved in, besides, of course, the painting the house.

Our house is a 1945 masterpiece of poor planning, even worse workmanship, and a very cheap previous owner.

The list of Honey Dos (that's me mostly, since I'm home) is long. It's arduous. It is, in a word...Unending.

So this week, when the heat index finally took us over 80 degrees in the day time and not below 50 at night, I decided to get busy with painting the outside.

At some point this spring, Brian went over most of the trim -- especially that along the roofline -- so that part doesn't need more than a once-over after I've painted. But the house has cedar shakes/shingles, so spraying won't do...and a bunch of work needed to be done to make sure all the shingles are nailed down tight, some caulking needs to be done, and of course paint paint and more paint.

So far I've done about half of the front of the house, most of the North side and most of the West side as of today. Today was a job of removing a lot of old/dead hardware -- various stuff that held something up at some point, but needs to be removed and plugged and painted.

Slowly, but surely, I WILL get rid of the tacky brass house numbers, the tacky brass light fixtures, the tacky brass all over this #*%&## house.

It is amazing to me how a list of "paint the house" turns into "plug this hole" and "put trim back up next to the air conditioner (then paint it) and a mess of other to dos.

But we're getting there. By the time we sell this place it's going to look like the house I thought I saw when we bought it three years ago.

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