Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Pictures Says Approximately 383 Words

I was looking for a new picture of just me for my Facebook page, and ran across this one.

This particular picture always make me think that I look like Hope from that show "Thirtysomething" that was such a hit back in the '80s before being "Fortysomething" was the new "Twenty". She had dark hair and kept it in a pony tail a lot like I do anyway. Our faces aren't dissimilar. I never can come out and say "I think I look like ____ " because of course we are all unique and I certainly don't bear any serious resemblance to anyone famous.

But anyway, back to the story of this picture.

It was taken in 2003, on our trip to Europe that started in London and ended in Istanbul.

It wasn't really a vacation, we say. More like an expedition. But it was a fun one.

This particular moment, in this particular picture as we're leaving London to take the EuroStar to Paris, Brian goes to take the picture, and it has just occurred to me that I don't feel well, and I have something respiratory going on. My gut just sank as I realized that what I had wasn't feeling well or good. Not good at all.

I lived. But we cut back our vacation in Paris and I laid in bed a lot...we bought a "hop on hop off" bus ticket, which we never would have bought, and just never hopped off. We just rode around the city so we could get the quick and dirty tour. We walked through Versailles one day, but didn't go into the gardens beyond the first viewpoint.

The bad news was, that first trip to Paris didn't involve a lot of sights we were dying to see.

The good news was, it gave me a reason to go back, which we did a few years later.

I saw a French MD, who (for the price of about $80 Euro/less than $100 USD) came TO the hotel, checked me out, wrote me a script for antibiotics, which I bought for $20 at the pharmacy.

I noted that Europe is sorely lacking in good quality, knock-your-ass-out and get some sleep over-the-counter cold medicine. A note that was not forgotten when I went back the next time.

Have NyQuil, will travel.

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