Friday, March 19, 2010


We planned to get the roof done this spring, and boy, did it happen quickly!

We had a couple of bids done this winter (during the three leaks we fixed ourselves), and as SOON as I was off of school, I called one of the guys I had chosen and asked if the price was still good...

Well, being that we have a small house (so we didn't require much time), and they had a crew done early on another job, they offered to come today and get started...
At 8:30 a.m., we had a truck in the driveway with a trailer for the old roof.

By 10:30, most of it was torn off...

By lunch time they had put on the new decking...

By the 2:30 they were putting on the new comp...

And by this evening (they worked just past dark) they had ALL the new sheathing in the back.

We got 50-year guaranteed materials, including a new pond-liner quality roofing for the flat part.

Monday, they put on the new gutters.

As much as I've felt ambivilent about this house, I feel like I LOVE it now that I know I won't be calling my poor mom to come babysit while I go up on the roof and try to sludge some tar around while Brian's gone, so we can stop a leak for the short term.

Problem SOLVED!

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