Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cute Zoo Pictures of The Day

I have two weeks of classes and finals left, so today, Brian dropped me off in downtown Portland to study at a different Starbucks than my usual, and he took Nora to the zoo.

We've discovered this is a fun thing to do that a) makes me feel like I'm doing something fresh and new in a new location and b) allows me to join them when I don't need a whole day to study, but rather a few hours.

PLUS, I can take the Max (light rail system in Portland) out to Wash Park and meet up with them without interrupting their fun.

So today, on the first day to crack more than 60* in 6 months in Portland on a Saturday, WE, and the REST of the city/region decided it was time to go to the zoo.

It was crazy packed. Nora was SO excited to see me arrive, and we walked around and played and found some cracks and crevices in the zoo (under a large cedar tree) that didn't have other people crawling all over it...

And we saw the elephants, and enjoyed a few other animals before heading home for the day...and a lucky picture or two on my camera, including this one and the one at the bottom, made today so fun.

And when I accidentally deleted them, I paid for a program that someone said would recuscitate my computer's disk, and sure enough, you CAN save deleted files. Here's another one:

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