Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's Just Call It a Break...

Brian came home this weekend and it's my first real weekend with no school to study for, and he has LOTS to study for with a test for work that sounds about as impossible as scaling Mt. Everest on a day hike.

Suffice to say, he has a big fat text book; not a lot of time to study; and he's missing a degree in Calculus...but he spent the bulk of his time this weekend studying, when he wasn't trying to squeeze in a few moments with his girls!

This weekend on Facebook, I listed a few of the things I'm doing this Christmas break, and an old friend of mine said something REALLY funny, which was to suggest I REST during Christmas break.

As you can see, I have PLANS for this Christmas "break". It's to paint the bathroom from the hideous orange which my sister Jill, the effervescent diplomat we have in the family, referred to it as "peach".

So I have already taped up and painted the first coat of what will be SEVERAL to cover the "peach" and convert it to a much less spa-color to more of a boys bathroom at an elementary school, but nonetheless more pleasing to the eye for me.

Meanwhile, Nora got a few minutes in with Daddy -- one to play with markers and draw draw draw to her hearts content, and

to spend a little time on, where the girl has discovered letters, colors, numbers and even a few shapes.

Our verbal girl has even said "Thank you" for the first time today, AND with Daddy on the phone, she said "Wuv you" while he was on speaker.

Next week we'll see Oma and Opa, (Nora calls them "Eema and Eepa", but we're working on it), and will have a trek through Seattle to see a few other friends along the way.

Hopefully she won't clam up and will talk their ears off as much as she has mine this week.

She is my kid after all, so I guess there isn't TOO much chance of that.


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