Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The FIRST haircut!

Wow, it was a crazy day around here!

I worked on a leak in the roof today (in the driving rain), and finished painting the bathroom (more to come on that), and TODAY I cut Miss Nora's mullet off!

This first picture if you click on it is a good "Before", and the rest are a bunch of "after" pictures.
Yesterday I got a few M&Ms at Freddies, and Nora, who calls them "Ms" asked for them after lunch.

I give her VERY few sweets since I know once we turn on THAT spigot, there's no end in sight, and I'd like her baby teeth to make it til she turns 5 or 6, or we have dental insurance, whichever comes first...
And this afternoon as she was sitting there eating a few of her beloved "Ms", I thought "Hey, she's still...and Brian and I DID talk about getting her a haircut..."

So I went ahead and got a comb and a pair of scissors, and without too much fuss, just went ahead and wacked a few inches off the back of her head of baby fine hair.
The amazing thing was, she sat pretty still for the whole thing, and by the time I was done, I had trimmed her bangs a bit so they wouldn't get in her eyes anymore, AND,
even though she looks OLDER which is hard as heck, it looks SO much thicker and cuter.

So at 28 months of age, Nora got her first haircut!

And I LOVED watching her at a birthday party, sitting there eating dinner with a bunch of other kids, looking like she does this every day.

When people say "they grow so fast..." it's truly the understatement of the millenium.

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