Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A December Zoo Day

There really isn't a whole lot better than asking your kid at 8 in the morning if she'd like to go to the zoo, and she says "ZOOO!"

"Are you sure, Nora? Would you rather go to OMSI?"

"No Mommy. ZOO!"
Ah, the beginnings of a real conversation with my little girl!

Of course in 6 months I'll wonder if I can ever get her to shut up, but for now, every little verbal interaction is a wonderful thing!

Nora and I packed up and headed up to the Portland zoo today, and even though it never cracked 45 degrees today, it was blazingly beautiful with a blue sky and lots of sunshine, so it more than made up for it.
We walked among the lions, saw all of "Africa" including the giraffe being up in the window and coming RIGHT to us as if he wanted to be petted.

And this time, we made it through Stellar Cove where the sea lions Gus and Julian are, and Nora discovered the sand box under the bridge nearby, and stopped to play in it for more than half an hour.

Mommy had her coffee, it was in the sunshine. All was good.

And Miss Nora fell asleep in the back seat on the way home.

A perfect day.

I have to say, the people in Portland who are willing to brave the Portland chilliness and other foul weather are friendlier than the fair weather crowd.

We're cooler. There. I said it.

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