Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoo Doo

We went to the zoo this morning! Brian left for the whole week in Bandon, out on the coast, and in the morning we got up, loaded up the girl and off we went.

Being that it is a holiday weekend, and being that it's the first day to crack nearly 70 degrees on a weekend, it was CARAZY at the zoo today!

We had to wait in line for tickets, and even to have our tickets checked! There is an advantage to going in February when it's 40 degrees!

We walked down through Northwest Trek -- it's a long slow decline through a NW forest, which has bears, bald eagles, cougars, and salmon...Nora had a ball walking and crawling through this hollowed-out log play feature thingamajob. She liked it SO much she kept running back up to it and going through it long after we thought we were past it!

When we finally got to the bottom where the petting zoo was, we took her in, and Nora went up to each goat and said "HI!" When Brian asked her what goats say, she changed her tune. She went up to the next goat and said "Baaaaaaaaaaaa!"

After that it was time to check out the monkeys and the Amazon area, which had lots of big fish, some orangatans, and of course...ROCKS?

Nora, aka "Magellan" as I call her, spent most of her time today not necessarily looking or talking to the animals, but checking out the texture of nearly every inanimate object as well.

We had lunch down in our Africafe, and then Nora ran wild and free all over the Great Lawn/Ampitheater they have near the elephants. It's amazing how within just a week or two, she's more agile, faster, and more able to run and stop to go down the concrete stairs without falling.

Here's a picture with Daddy after we tried our very first "Elephant Ear" at the zoo. Dough, sugar, cinnamon...usually she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but that was delicious!

And here's one with Mommy! Miss Nora is such a's hard to get everyone looking at the camera, but even when she doesn't she's cute!

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