Monday, May 18, 2009

Sprinkler Discovery

It was a gorgeous 80 degree day here in Oregon today...and after Nora's nap, we took a sprinkler out in the back yard and hooked it up, and had a little fun! Nora had fun walking back and forth...

Sometimes she'd come over to me and point at the water like she was saying "Hey! Look Mommy!" as if she'd just discovered it AND it was brand new to me too!

After we went through three pairs of shorts in one morning/afternoon, I realized we didn't have nearly enough, so we went to the fabric store and found a few wild colors and a simple pattern...

I got a few of these cut out and sewn tonight (they're VERY simple) and now she's got a few pairs of capris and shorts to wear this summer. She LOVED the first ones I tried on her before she went to bed. Ladybugs and butterflies are a new favorite around here!

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