Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fountainstic Day

We've been BUSY this weekend! Zoo trip Friday, housework and a trip to the park with Nora this morning for Brian, I did errands, homework, and then we all got back together this afternoon and headed to the fountain for a couple of hours, just to cool off.

It hit 90 degrees or so today! NUTS!

It didn't take Nora long to figure out the water is FUN!

She did wonder at first, but all the other kids there screaming and having a good time finally convinced her she was enjoying it! Daddy took his first turn at it, then...
It was my turn! We got SOAKED to the bone. So glad I brought a ton of towels, just in case. Turns out we needed them because...

Nora would come back, cuddle in a towel with Daddy, then go back for more!

I love watching her try to interact with older kids. She can't say anything, and the kids aren't always sure what to do with her, but these kids shared their balloon with her briefly, and they all stood around her for some time. It was very cute!

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