Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Perfect Day With A Perfect Picture (or 2)

We went to the zoo yesterday, and it was just the start of a perfect day together.

Brian and I got Nora ready to roll and we were at the zoo by 9:45, and the sun came out so quickly it warmed up nicely.

We would have been there earlier if we hadn't flung off into downtown Portland, realized we'd lost our map and then Brian was unresponsive to my demands that he tell me where to drive! :)

Anyway, we saw the classics, and Nora learned how to imitate new animal sounds, like the wolf.

And we ate our picnic lunch down in the Africafe', enjoying the overlook to the bird sanctuary there.

Then as we headed up, we went to the Lorikeet Landing where you can buy nectar for the birds and they fly right up to your hands and drink from the cups. Brian did a fantasic job of juggling Nora in one arm and handling 3 birds landing on him all at once.

Later we got back home, and hung out for a while until Bestema came over and babysat Nora for a few hours while we went to a theater in town that was still playing "Australia".

Believe me, if you want to see a true classic in the making, watch this movie. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in it, along with a great cast of characters. It's just a really beautiful movie, with a wonderful story.

It was our first "date" in so long we couldn't remember the last time we went out by ourselves, and the theater served drinks and dinner, so you could eat popcorn, or go early and have dinner...It was so neat!

I'll publish some more zoo pictures later...I just got the ones from Brian from their trip last weekend with Bestema, Aunt Jill and cousin Erik.

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