Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hat Girl

Our friend Laura Berens from Denver gave Nora this hat after visiting The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago this past year.

The very week she sent it last year was the week Nora decided she really didn't like hats.

I thought that's too bad...but we'll keep it around as a toy and see if she changes her mind.

All winter, we haven't been able to get Nora to even keep a hood from her jacket on her head, no matter how cold it was. She's at that age that she doesn't understand that hats and blankets are good to keep warm in, not to toss off or use as toys.

Until last week.

I got a new Elmo video of "Jackets, Hats and Boots", and Elmo explained how you wear jackets, hats and boots outside...and of course, she decided that what Elmo says is gospel, even if it is exactly what Mommy and Daddy have been saying since we stopped saying "Blah blah blah Nora," and started using real words...

So now the Shedd Aquarium hat is a favorite. So much so that I do NOT take it out of the house for fear that I'll lose it. It's kinda like that one bear she's latched onto, and the Animal Book that she loves.

Here's a video of her hanging out with her hat in the crib in the morning too...

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