Saturday, July 21, 2007

Time Warp

We've been living at my brother's house for 3 weeks's one of those things that feels like forever in some respects, and like a very short time in others.

After about two weeks here, there was that short panic attack that wondered out loud to my husband one night, "What the heck was I thinking?"

Not for any reason except that the hardest part in moving across the country and being pregnant at the same time is that the house isn't sold, so we can't just go buy another one. Unfortunately Mom was right when she said "I'm not made of money," because I'm not made of money either.

So we have to wait for the house to sell before we can move on with our lives here. Fortunately we're in a comfortable place with good relatives that so far can still stand the sight of us. I try to help out with groceries, housekeeping here and there, but otherwise I can't say I do much.

I look for jobs I'm fairly sure I won't get hired for, since I'm six months pregnant now and know that any interview I go on will be ended with "Thanks for coming in" and dead silence afterwards.

But I have enjoyed a lot of down time, mostly just hanging out with my nieces, taking care of some household stuff, and on weekends Brian and I hang out together.
Today after they get done moving the horses to a different pasture, we're going to go see the Rembrandt exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

On the baby front, I did see my new crazy OB/GYN. He's hilarious, and if it weren't for his front office staff who apparently see themselves as a barrier to health care instead of access to it, all would be perfect.

The doctor made some wisecrack about me having a 10-pound baby since I'm measuring on the big side. If he'd been wearing something with lapels, I would have grabbed them when I said "We're not going to let it get to that, right? RIGHT?"

Then while he listened to the heartbeat, he started saying "FEED ME. FEED ME. FEED ME." in a comical but freaky voice in time with the heartbeat.

Yeah, he's a hoot.

After the appointment, I got my thyroid checked because my neck is a little swollen (blood panel appears normal), and I'll have an ultrasound to check out the swelling on the 30th. I also did the glucose screening test, which basically shows that no matter how much sugar I eat, I'm not getting gestational diabetes. Thank God, because that small bag of M&Ms, Rolos and 3 Musketeers bars that I hide in my dresser wasn't about to be given away.

Girl Baby has been renamed "Kicky" by me. Mostly because she's higher than my belly button now and seems to think that kicking me hard enough to make me say weird things or laugh in public is a hourly achievement for her.

Yeah, she's a Kick, I say. Hence the name.

Here's my 6 month picture I took last week.

Today I'm officially at the end of my 6th month and starting seven.

Who knew?


Teri said...

Glad to see your blogs today - I miss reading them. Mostly glad that the three of you are doing well. Love you tons! Teri

Anonymous said...

You look great Jules! Schane' & I can now name your baby "kicky" when we pray for you guys. Love you all, Mindi

MissHelen said...

Yay for kicky! :)
Only thing is, that's how I describe cute heels, dresses, etc. Guess I'd best find another adjective, since 1-I think it's good that the little girl has a name, and 2-I'll bet she'd prefer not to share. ;)

Take care of yourselves!



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