Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today it has been one year since my son Jacob was born silently into this world.

I don't think of this as his birthday in the sense that he would be "1" because he had no chance of survival, and was born still.

But I think of him and oh how I wish that things had been so very different for our little boy.

I love you my little guy. As life jumps inside my belly with the anticipation of my daughter, I'll never forget you.

Today is also the date of my 24th week of pregnancy -- and ironically, it's the week of viability, when my daughter -- if born anytime now -- can conceivably live outside me.

It's just strange to think that on the anniversary of the death of one child, another moves into the realm of the possibility of life outside me.

Lighting a candle for Jacob tonight.

I love you Jacob. Your Mom and Dad will never forget our short time together.


Anonymous said...

Love and Prayers for you and Brian. Michael arrived almost exactly a year after I lost the girls. I understand the mourning of one life (or two) as you celebrate another.


Teri said...

What a beautiful tribute to both of them. :)


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