Saturday, July 07, 2007

Random Stuff From Oregon

Sorry not to have updated sooner.

I've been in Oregon for a week, and spent a good week with family, some unpacking, and some traveling.

This weekend Brian and I got to spend our first real weekend together, which was great. I've missed having time with him.

We drove up to the Seattle area on Thursday, and spent Friday afternoon bumming around the U-District, walking on my old campus at the University of Washington, prowling the bookstore, showing Brian the reading room at the graduate library and just looking around to see what had changed and what had stayed the same.

We ate at my favorite restaurant -- Thai Heaven (352 Roy Street on Lower Queen Anne, GO THERE, eat Paradise Chicken) -- and went down to the waterfront.

We stayed with my sister in Gig Harbor and had fun with them too...yummy pancakes, a couple of good nights' sleep, and some good relaxing times with my sis and nephews.

Brian and I headed back through Portland today, getting lost on the way in and out of downtown, despite my new Streetwise Map, which deserved to be thrown under the tires of my Subaru. I would have destroyed if it wouldn't have resulted in littering or me setting fire to it. It's hard to burn laminated maps I bet.

This week I plan on finding a day to drive out to the coast, even if it's just for an afternoon. I want my feet in the ocean!

Today I'm 24 weeks. My baby is officially "viable" today in that she would/could survive in the outside world from here on out. It's amazing to be this far into my pregnancy...It's even more amazing to think that she's kicking me like she is, and all but tap-tap-tapping on me to say "I'm here! I'm ok!"


MissHelen said...

I say YAY to your daughter kicking inside you. :) Sounds like she's going to be an Olympic swimmer when she gets older.
Seriously, you've been in my thoughts a lot lately, and I'm relieved and delighted that your baby is okay.

Rita Mosquita said...

Okay Jules, You have been quiet, very quiet for two weeks. I know that you just moved.I am concerned that everything is okay with you and the baby.


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