Saturday, March 04, 2006

There are days like today I want the title of my blog to be "Crap I Think About"

I'm sitting here in my big red terry fluffy bathrobe, but not without getting shocked first.

Let me tell you one thing that sucks about the Mile High City.


No, not the kind you get from authority or from your significant other. It's electricity I'm talking about.

When you pull your sweater over your head, you get static.

In Denver, if it's dry enough like it is today and has been for the 5 years I've lived here, you should try to do it in the dark.

That's when you actually see the LIGHT that emits from the static electricity.

My husband has started to touch some part of me -- my cheek or my hand -- before he kisses me, so we don't throw sparks when our lips touch.

We've actually HURT each other trying to kiss each other goodbye!

My cat Jack doesn't look at me the same way because when I reach out to pet him, he's not sure if he's going to get some lovin' or the shock of his little feline life.

Cute? Kinda.

Annoying, definitely.

Somebody, ground me.


Miracles & Dreams said...

Jules it is like that here

even the cats when the touch noses they shock each

Tammy said...

Ah c'mon it's just your "spark"ling personality isn't it? That's what I always tell DH when I give him a shock which can happen at anytime day or night between the months of October and May.


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