Sunday, March 19, 2006

Peering Into The Future

Brian and I went to Best Buy today and bought a couple of new toys for our iPods. One is a birthday present for me -- the iHome, a dock for my iPod that charges it, has an alarm clock, with a radio, and a bunch of other cool features.

The other is a dock to hook up the iPods to the TV and stereo. We haven't been able to watch my video downloads on TV since we didn't have the dock, so we finally got one.

With this, we're removing most of our stereo equipment, so all we need now is our tuner, equalizer and iPod dock to play ALL the music we own. PLUS, I got online and replaced what's left of our few VHS videos that we don't have in DVD, so we can get rid of the VHS player too.

I realized as I was hooking up my iPod to my new alarm clock dock that someday this too, will be obsolete, and maybe my kids or nephews & nieces will look at it and laugh at how "high tech" it was considered "way back in 2006".

In the meantime, it does amaze me how much smaller and smaller technology is getting. I saw a friend's phone the other day and it's as slim as a stack of about 5 credit cards.

Where are we going with all this? Someday, an iPod, phone, video cam, internet connection, all on a credit-card sized electronic masterpiece? I know we're nearly there already, but wowie.

Nothing makes me feel old like realizing that we used to have only 3 channels for TV, every phone was a land line, and the amount of space it would have taken to store all my music would have been several boxes of LPs instead of my one little iPod.

Progress. I do love it.

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