Wednesday, October 14, 2009



This picture of Nora will explain the next picture of ME...This is a picture of us playing in the back yard last summer.

I looked and looked for a less obnoxious picture that would show our beloved willow tree, but this is the best I could do.

If you look behind me and my silly face, there is the standing willow tree that was the centerpiece of our beautiful little back yard.

WAS? You ask?

Well, today, due to rain, wind, and substantial root rot, our beloved cork screw Willow Tree took a tumble.

It fell while I was out studying and Nora was in the house with the babysitter.

The sitter, Linda, didn't hear anything, and said "It's possible it's just because we were in the living room and I'm hard of hearing..."
But all of the sudden, our beautiful tree was gone. And it almost took the apple tree in the back of the yard with it.

Fortunately it fell the PERFECT direction. I mean, if you're going to lose a tree, this is the way to do it. Fall across the green space in the yard, don't take any power lines with it, and DON'T fall on any houses.

I called Brian when I saw it. I was in a bit of shock, because it is a big surprise to come home and find a big tree that you think of as a rather permanent fixture in your yard, now splayed across your WHOLE yard...

And Brian said "Call some guys..."

So I got a couple of tree people out for bids, and for the low low price of $275, our tree was reduced to this amount of firewood.

The Public Works department promises to pick it up in a week and donate it to someone who needs it.

Goodbye Willow. We had some good parties under you, and your shade in the summer will be missed.

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