Friday, October 02, 2009

Old Memories

Tomorrow my distant cousin Tom is coming over to take a look at some of the ancient family photos I have -- some of our shared relatives (we have a great-great grandmother in common) and since he's the family geneologist and could maybe even identify some people in the photos, I figured he'd be a good guy to have look at the pictures we have from the 1890s and beyond, and maybe he can keep some for his family and maybe we can scan and share some.

Brian took Nora to my sister's on Thursday afternoon -- leaving me here at home with nothing to do but a pile of homework...

And the realization that this would probably be the only three days of my life for SOME time now where I would be home alone, without a 2-year-old's helping hands to make me clean up after myself.

So this afternoon, after I did a pile of homework at the library, I brought out the pictures and started to sort them and scan some for this blog and to share with family on Facebook.

There are cool old pictures that bring back the memories of living in Hermiston -- when our only vacations involved that big canvas tent and a long car/van ride to the coast to camp in it.

There are the silly pictures of my year and a half in Yakima where I went to an honest-to-God "Lighted Farm Implement Parade" in Sunnyside, Washington....

PLEASE take a moment and look at this picture, because it is probably one of the funniest, silliest things to come out of Yakima other than the people my friends Delois and April. :)

There are the super adorable pictures of the cute nephews and nieces over the years (this one is is of my niece Miriam, who's gone from 3-year-old adorable moppett to a gorgeous gal in high school in too short a time.

There are the happy pictures -- like this one on my graduation day from the University of Washington in 1999.

My love of my life Brian had just come back into my life the year before. We hung on each other as new loves do, but have known each other for a long time...

I remember his brother Peter at my graduation party saying how much he enjoyed watching his older brother be in love.
And among the old photos and negatives is one of the last pictures of my Daddy while he was on this earth.

I've been through many pictures of Dad tonight. I miss him a lot.

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