Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sorry I've Been Missing...But...NEMO!

I'm sorry I've gone missing on blogging for a while.

It's been busy...lots of family stuff to add here, and lots of things to do. Brian and I have worked on the house, kept Nora pretty darn well entertained, and awash in new and used stuffed animals!

I don't know how many people have kids who insist that they AND their greeters in the morning (whether it's me, Bestema or Brian) say HELLO, KISS, and LOVE UP EVERY SINGLE TOY in their crib, but that's precisely what Nora does.

And in recent weeks, she latched onto the movie "Finding Nemo" so it's been on a few times (read: 20) and today, Brian and I crowned her collection with the piece of resistance: The Finding Nemo plush doll.

Nora and I have taken a couple of trips to Goodwill in recent weeks, resulting in the addition of Winnie The Pooh, Minnie Mouse, and Sully (the blue monster from Monsters Inc.) to her burgeoning collection.

So Finding Nemo was a bit of a challenge, but I got him on Amazon for cheap, and had it shipped here and waited for Brian to be home to give it to her.

She has done NOTHING but drag the fish around, repeating his name past the point of me worrying if she *might* have a few of Mommy's obsessive tendencies, and crying if he goes out of sight.

He even went with us in the car on the way to the fountain, and she death-gripped him in the midst of 100* heat, yelling "NEMO! NEMO! NEMO!" most of the way there and back.

Life, as she knows it, is perfect, good, and made up of a Clown Fish.

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