Sunday, August 09, 2009

Seattle Trip

This past Tuesday, Nora and I drove up with Bestema and Miriam to Gig Harbor, where we visited for a few hours before going to spend the night at a friend's house.

Nora got to play with Aunt Jill, cousins, and more cousins for quite some time before we left.

Nora's cousin Tian even showed Nora how to ride a "Razor" -- a skinny skateboard thing with handlebars. Nora liked it so much, and Tian took her around and around the driveway!

When I got home, I bought her a helmet...just in case a Razor is in our future!

Nora and I then went to my friend Cheryl's house. Brina (far left) was visiting from New York, and Cheryl, Cindy and I all met her with all our kids except Cheryl's for a morning at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

This one is of Brina's daughter Carter, and Cindy's daughter Alyssa. It's so fun to see a couple of 4-5 year-old girls interacting...they took just a little while to warm up, but they all did great!

Nora had a blast at the zoo -- and played for some time in the Zoomasium, an indoor children's play area. This girl LOVES her slides!!!

Afterwards we went to Peter, Sarah & Odette's house and hung out with them in the afternoon, and spent the night before heading home in the morning.

Nora saw I was packing the car that morning and started saying "BYE! BYE! BYE!" LONG before I was ready to leave.

Her talking is coming in leaps and bounds now...she is also not only hugging and kissing her stuffed toys, but she tries to feed them her snacks and makes them "kiss" each other now too.

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