Friday, December 29, 2006

The Piled High City

The Denver Post had a funny headline today: Instead of "The Mile High City" as we're usually known, their headline said "The Piled High City". Here are a few pictures from my adventure downtown and back today:

This is the State capitol building -- I took this picture from the 10th floor deck at our new building near Colfax & Broadway. The picture I took of this just last week with my old camera (my Sony died, finally, RIP), is horribly out of focus compared to this one!

On the way home, Brian drove me around downtown a bit so I could take some extra pictures. This sculpture is The Bear who's 40 feet tall and "peeking" into the Denver Convention Center.
I've always loved these guys -- I can't remember the name of this sculpture outside of the Denver Center for Performing Arts -- but I always call them "The High-Fiving White Guys". It's a name of a skit done on an old local Seattle comedy show where these guys would high-five over any little thing, and it was just hilarious. The first time I saw this sculpture I just said "Hey! It's the High Fiving White Guys!" and Brian laughed at me. I don't think they're actually high-fiving, but dancing, but it looks like it to me!

This final shot is one I took on our street. I zoomed in on our neighbor at the end of the block, and I think it does a good job of illustrating how much crazy snow we have today!

Thanks for looking!

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