Sunday, December 10, 2006

Me Me Me Me Me.

Oh man. It's been one of those weeks -- I know it's got to be the holidays that's bringing it out in people, but I really see it with a higher focus this year.

Maybe this makes me one of them for complaining about those who complain, but I'm just hearing way too much Me Me Me Me Me out out of WAY too many people.

Maybe it's that we're all getting older. Maybe as a result we're more tired. Maybe it's the holidays and the stress of what we have or haven't done this year, and what the heck we can afford to put under the tree. I can't speak for those out there who are doing all the complaining, but it's getting so loud I just want to scream "STOP IT ALREADY!"

In the midst of all this, I'm trying hard to stay positive about what I'm happy about. I'm SO looking forward to my Mom & brother Joel coming here for Christmas. I think that's what's pretty much saving my holiday for me this year, is having family come spend it with us, and knowing two of my best friends in the world will be with us.

We put the tree up today, and I've spent most of the day making a skirt for it because I've never had a decent one. Little did I know what a project THAT would turn into. I swear I could have made a quilt in the time it's taken me! But when it's done it's going to be neat. Hand made, with my new machine, and something I'll keep for years.

Thankfully, I've gotten a few thoughtful e-mails from friends asking how I'm doing, knowing that Christmas can often bring out sadness in people, especially those like my husband and me who've lost something so precious as a child this year.

But really, I'm ok. Yes, there are sad times, but it does get easier. I just wish that people who are complaining about every dilemma would pause for a moment, breathe in and out, and count their blessings.

I know that they have more than they're seeing, and hopefully they'll see it too.

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Timestep said...

Thanks for the reminder - because I'm real stressed about getting it all done.

Hugs to you. I can't wait to see the tree skirt.


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