Friday, October 06, 2006

Travel The Earth!


Tonight I Googled the Earth.

If you click on the title of this post, you'll find Google Earth -- a program you can download onto your computer that allows you to literally fly around the world looking at everything down to your driveway.

I zipped from looking at my house, with my car parked out front, to New York City, Cape Town, South Africa, to The Vatican City and The Colisseum in Rome, to London's Buckingham Palace and Eye. Then it was on to The Forbidden City in China, to Rio de Janeiro, then off to see the workings of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii.

What a visual treat!

Just when I was lamenting the thought that it would be a while before I could travel again, I found something to scratch the itch for another trip.

Try it!


Cal said...

Isn't Google Earth great?!!? I especially like it b/c my brother, who is travelling the world working for the gov't, is able to send me links of where he is. Very neat indeed!

Ronak Johri said...

yup google earth is cool.

Ronak Johri said...

Yup google earth is cool indeed!


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