Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mindless Mindfulness.

I am, what you would call a ruminator. I think, I think, and I think some more. My brother Jeff nailed it when he called us both "processors". We like to process stuff, sometimes to death. Then we want to flip it on its back and look at it some more.

I get a quote a day from, (sorry for the tangent here, but speaking of irony, that's pretty much the story of MY life Think.Exist.Repeat). Often it has some quote about how life is better not finding the answers, how the trip is more important than getting there, Deep Thoughts like that.

There are days I think "Ah, great quote. I feel better having read that." Other days, I think "Communist. What a load of bull."

There are days I actually expect to find life's answers in all my little ruminating (and of course I don't, at least not for more than a minute before the feeling passes). There are days I take the more Zen approach to life and realize that it is, indeed, the road less traveled that makes the journey more fun.

But when presented with a problem or an idea, sometimes I overthink it on Spock-like levels. Because, I figure (where do I get this???) there should actually be an answer to most questions.

A lot of the time, I use my thinking for fun, including saving information that I get for future reference.

This causes me to called a geek by the occasional friend or co-worker. Like today at lunch, I pointed out that there are more calories in a cookie that's been baked, vs. the cookie dough, since the energy that goes into the baking of the cookie raises the caloric value of it.

Considering the fact that I've always liked cookie dough more than the actual cookie, this isn't just a fun fact, it's actually very, very good news.

Does that make me a geek?


Suzi said...

Now that is good to know... About the cookies, I mean... Too Weird!

Gina in N'Awlins said...

LOL! Uh - I am not so sure about that, Jules! When you refer to nutritionist's calories - it just means the energy potential in food, and that doesn't change by cooking ;~) But cookie dough is way more satisfying - I'll give you that!


Sheri said...

yum - cookie dough rocks

Jules said...

Gina, this is the info I found on the subject!

"The Calorie is a unit of heat (the amount of heat needed to raise 1 liter of water 1 degree Centigrade). Therefore, refrigerated or uncooked foods have fewer Calories. Raw cookie dough is less caloric than baked cookies. Frozen cookie dough ice cream, even less."

Aren't you glad? Now, the question to me is -- if once the cookie cools if it has less calories than a piping hot cookie from the oven!


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