Saturday, February 18, 2006

Does YOUR Cat Do This?


I find it strange, but The Hopper likes to lay on his back like this.

I've attributed it to the fact that he's 22 lbs., which in human terms is about 250. He must have a lot of strain on his back, so he finds laying directly on his spine takes some of the kinks out. He lays like this for hours at a time.

Is this normal? Brian says that he's never seen a cat do this, like this, for as long as he does...

Another freak in the family. Great. Just what we need. Posted by Picasa


michele said...

We used to have a cat that did that!!! I thought it was strange, too.... I'll have to find a picture of it. Very odd!

(And why is the word verification to post here "iypew"? Do I stink?

Timestep said...

I've seen lots of cats lay this way. I think it's secret code for "scratch my belly please."

Lauren said...

My cat used to do that too... he was a big boy as well... about 20 pounds. I've always been told it's a sign of contentment.


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