Saturday, November 26, 2005

Standing in Someone Else's Shoes

Rail Fence Quilt Posted by Picasa

In a million years, I never would have put these fabrics, this rail fence quilt pattern and these colors together.

But I did it anyway.

I took a friend, who's 7 months pregnant, to the fabric store last weekend. I make my closer friends quilts for their babies, and lately there've been a lot.

She had some ideas for the quilt -- that she wanted to do a "jungle theme", and wanted greens, browns, reds and blues in it. When we got to the fabric store, she picked out the fabrics and we headed out to lunch.

I asked her a couple of times if she REALLY wanted this pattern -- it's so simple I put it together in a matter of a few days. She fortunately is one of those people who know so little about quilting that anything looks complicated. :)

So, I went ahead and did it. As I was putting it together, I wasn't thrilled with it, but then it started to come together, and I started to like it.

Now that the top is done, I think it's great.

It always amazes me how my taste in fabric and patterns is so different from others. It always amazes me how if I don't fight someone else's taste and just do what they ask for, how I can see the beauty of their preferences after it's done and I can see the whole picture.

What a metaphor for life, huh?

Too often, I think what I do, and the way I do it is the right way -- or at least the best way. But oftentimes I shortchange myself by thinking so narrowly.

Live and learn, Gram always said.



Katherine said...

I love the quilt Jules! You are so talented.

3outta5 said...

Man, I hear ya.... I share that same "thing" with you -- of feeling like if people could just UNDERSTAND the way I think things are/should be, then they WOULD agree with me.


I need to learn to just shut the %$#& up.

About the quilt. It is AWESOME. I can't say those would have been colors I would have ever personally chosen (being more of a purple/green person myself) but it sure came out NICE!!!!!! You are really talented. What a great thing to be able to CREATE like that!

Sheri said...

beautiful quilt Jules. I'm betting your friend is giong to love it!


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