Sunday, August 21, 2005

Work Week #1 Is Over, The Cats Wonder...

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This is Jack, my 11-month-old kitten. He's a bit put off now that I've gone to work every day this week. He's also quite the talker. Meow, Meow, meeeeow. Following me around the house as I get ready as if to say "you're going out AGAIN?" and then again when I return.

I enjoyed my first week of work. Even if the cats missed me. I had a dream last night that my cat Jack looked at me as I talked to him the way I do, and he said in a human voice, "You don't have to talk to me like I don't know. I understand every word you say."



Sheri said...

Poor Jack! Going back to work is an adjustment for everyone isn't it? I'm glad you are liking your new job so much but it doesn't leave much time for blogging.

Have a good day!

Lauren said...

I'm afraid poor Caleb will soon be in the same boat. Poor little guy's getting used to sleeping in with mommy and curling up on my lap on the sofa.

I love the dream... sometimes, I think they really DO understand everything we say. ;-)


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