Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Cried When She Left

Dhan and Julie Posted by Picasa

It amazes me sometimes, how friendships work. My friend Dhan and I went to school in the 4th and 5th grades together way back in the late 1970s, when both our families lived in the same town in Eastern Oregon.

I haven't seen Dhan since we were here in Colorado 13 years ago for my Dad's funeral. At the time she was living here, and my parents had recently moved to Colorado.

In the past couple of years we've talked more and more, and renewed our friendship as our lives have moved us around -- her to Tennessee and me to Denver.

I was so excited when she and her husband and son came to visit us this past weekend. We renewed our friendship, and talked a lot about our years together in Oregon, reminiscing about our years together and how we've all grown and changed.

As she said, it's amazing what an impact a friendship from our 4th-5th grade experience can have on our adult lives, as we have been able to remain friends and grow in the same directions as time passes.

I've never cried when a friend has left my house, but today I did. It was such a lovely visit, and her leaving left a quiet spot in my house. She will be missed.

What a lovely person.


Jenny said...

Sorry you are missing her so much, but I just had to post that you look FABULOUS! Hubba-hubba!

(BTW, are you sure you never squeezed out a few tears when I left your place? Tears of joy that I was finally out of your hair!? hee-hee!)

Tammy said...

Oh Jules, those kind of friends are so rare, the ones with whom you feel you can just pick up where you left off... what a gift to you!!! So glad your visit was sweet... and Tennessee, now that sounds like a great place to visit too!

Katherine said...

It is great to have a friend who means so much!!!!!!

I'm glad you had a good visit.


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