Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dashboard Photography

Yellowstone North Entrance, 6/21/05 Posted by Hello

This past week, I took a roadtrip back to my stomping grounds in the Northwest. Mostly to pick up some of my grandmother's things that she left me, and to help my brothers and sister go through the last of her storage items. On the way back, I drove through Yellowstone National Park.

This photo was taken as I approached the North Entrance to the park...the sunset was stunning and I couldn't help but snap this and many other photos along the way.

There is something great about taking a road trip, but I particularly enjoyed this one. As I drove on this 3,000 mile journey alone, I had a great time just cruising along, seeing a lot of my favorite places in the West and Northwest, especially the incredibly precious Yellowstone.

A road trip lets you think, but when you're alone -- you often find yourself wanting to press on -- especially when you've been on the road for 15 hours, and are about to collapse. As I drove along, I found a new hobby -- one I've named "Dashboard Photography". No worries about taking good pictures...some of them will turn out ok, others will focus on the bugs on the windshield, only to be deleted later.

But this precious photo is one I will remember and enjoy -- because it's entering into what I consider to be one of the most special places in the U.S. One of geysers, bison, paintpots, and elk. One of mountains, rivers and a part of us that seems lost and forgotten, but here it remains.

More later.

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