Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Little Piece of Heaven.

Brian's first look at his new iPod Posted by Hello

My husband turned 40 on Saturday. Brian is a musician and LOVES any kind of music there is. It was my pleasure to find the perfect gift -- an iPod Photo with 30 gigs. I enlisted the financial help of his parents, my Mom, and his sister and her husband to help me afford such a great gift.

The night before his birthday, we went to dinner at Jerusalem's and as we were leaving, I asked him if anything about turning 40 was bothering him, as he hadn't said a word about it. Well, he said, I guess I have to get some expensive tastes, like a sports car, an iPod and an XBox.

I bought the iPod a few weeks ago and was very proud of keeping my trap shut and letting it be a huge surprise. He had no hint, no clue that he would get such a lovely gift. So when he opened it (see above photo), he stared at it and his mouth hung open for almost a minute before he realized it wasn't just an iPod box, it actually had an iPod IN IT.

There are few times in ones life when you can find the actual PERFECT gift to give someone. I'm so glad I could do this for him, and it's obvious he's happy with it too.

Happy 40th, Sweetie.


Sheri said...

Priceless! He really looks surprised. Hope the party went well.

lisabazillionkds said...

Happy Birthday dh!
What a great picture :)

Jenny said...

Hey Jules - I couldn't help but laugh at the "it had an actual iPod in it" comment.... my evil mind was giggling at how you could have tortured him by putting a really crappy gift in the iPod box. Then later on revealing the actual iPod. It's a good thing Brian's such a good guy and doesn't deserve such mean tricks.... then again, it might have been a little payback for the $$ spent on the dental work. :o)


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