Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I saw you.

I saw you today, the man at the Safeway. Dirty clothes, messy hair. I've never seen you there before, but you were walking around the store with a cart in front of you, but not putting anything in it.

Just as I went to get into line, I saw you carefully put the cart back and leave the store. I couldn't help but think that you went there just to feel a little normal, to look like you were shopping just like everybody else does.

I put a few bucks in my pocket, and as I left the store, I looked for you. I almost never do this, but I thought I'd give you a little money. I scanned the parking lot and you had vanished.

I made a silent prayer that I could find you, but it was not answered. As I drove home my heart broke.

As hard as life can be for me sometimes, I'm not you -- seeking a few minutes of normalcy in what I imagine is an otherwise difficult day.


Meg said...

This made my heart sad too. How kind you are, And how true, we get so tied up in our lives, and miss how blessed we really are now.

Sheri said...

You are a kind person Jules. My you be repaid 100's of times over for that.

Maybe your path will cross with this man again someday.


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