Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quilt Top

It's been AGES since I quilted anything. I have material to make one for my Aunt. My niece is waiting for hers too -- and I will have to get hers done in time for her to start college in Chicago next fall. But in the meantime, I wanted to do something I could do relatively quickly to get my feet wet and to just have a little fun:
This quilt top I finished today is just a nutty experiment of mine. I've made so many ordered, geometrically balanced quilts, I wanted to do something just sort of random.

So I made a bunch of blocks of 2 inch squares and sewed them together.

Nora and I went to the fabric store today and she picked the pink and purple border, and we got more of that Holy Cow That's Hot Pink for the backing too. She hasn't seen the top, and doesn't know what she picked it out for, but I plan on having this machine quilted and finished by Christmas.

There will be a small lime green binding around the edges too, which will help balance it out -- I haven't had time since she was born to make something just for her, so this is it -- till she can choose her own!

The other night she looked at a small quilt I made many years ago and I told her I made it, and she said "You made that for ME!" --

Hopefully this will get the same response.

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