Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zoo Day

School has been crazy for me of course, but today I took Nora to the zoo so we could have a little time together.

We had a lot of fun, once she got fed every hour or two. For some reason, my super tall child (now 42.5 inches tall) is hungry all the time, and she asked for food or to go home (or to go home and have food) literally every hour we were gone today!
She had lots of fun though, and I got a few cute pictures.

Today when a boy at the zoo came over and said "HI! I'm Zack! I'm FOUR! How old are you?" and Nora said "TWO!" the parents almost spit their coffee out, since Nora was looking down on their son, literally.

When I clarified that she was three, it helped...but not much. Sorry, we're growing a tower. Or maybe a silo...

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