Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seattle Week

Nora loves picking daisies and bringing them to any adult near her, but me in particular...

We have spent the past week at my sister's house...she's watching Joel's house in New York City while I watch her kids in Gig Harbor...

...Don't ask who's watching my house. By the time it matters, I'll be home.

We arrived in Gig Harbor with little more than a week of potty training under our belts. To a house with white carpeting.

But we've done great...

Miss Nora has her Potty Training Sticker Book, which she LOVES.

And I have her potty seats -- one for the house, one for the road -- and fortunately she's done well using both.

Today we headed to Seattle's Pacific Science Center, where Nora got to pet a cockroach and get used to using potties in public places, with some success...

We saw some fun things at the Seattle Center, then Monorailed it downtown to Starbucks and a little illicit people-watching in Westlake center.

We got to see a couple of horses at the Westlake Center, including this rather large, borderline Clydesdale horse who took a shine to Nora, or the wrist balloon corsage Erik got for her.

By the end of the day, the weather at the International Fountain was good enough that Nora and Erik wandered in, and Erik could save Nora once she got hit by a wave of water!

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