Sunday, September 17, 2006


I am sick to my stomach reading the story I found on Yahoo News today.

The US has held 14,000 detainees in its "war on terror" in its prisons both in Guantanamo Bay and in a prison system it has set up around the world.

It's downright shameful that we hold these people without the right to a fair trial, and outcries over our treatment of these prisoners continue to go unresponded to by the Bush Administration.

I'm all for keeping America safe. But I'm also aware that no amount of detainee camps are going to keep us safe. If nothing else, we'll hold them til when, they die of old age? Because if we let them go, Lord knows how many more terrorists we will have created as their resentment over being held for long periods of time grows. Not to mention their children and other family who's seen them disappear.

I'd hate any government who held one of my brothers for so much as a month without a lawyer or fair hearing, even if he HAD done something wrong.

I find this sickening, unequivocally wrong, and downright embarrassing to what America stands for.

Or should I say stood for?

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