Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This is why I live in Denver.

I got on the bus Monday and these two guys get on the bus after me somewhere down near 38th & Pecos. One is older and the other guy is younger, but speaks so unintelligibly I thought he was drunk or impaired. My inner voice says "Man, drunk at 8:30 a.m.???"

Turned out that's a New Orleans accent.

They got on the bus, and were talking to a woman next to them about how they just got here after being at the Superdome and then bussed to San Antonio. They're staying with one of the guy's brothers here in Denver.

They were headed to Social Security so the older guy could get registered. I was reading a book and sitting back a ways so I couldn't talk to them without yelling, but I could hear quite a bit. Anyway, this lady starts telling them about how they need to get to the American Red Cross, and it's down on Speer Blvd., and they don't know where that is.

She said she was getting off at Champa where the Social Security office is, so she'd walk them there to make sure they were taken care of.

They thanked her up and down, and then I heard her say "Well, my appointment isn't til later. I'll make sure you get down to the Red Cross too."

I was just sitting there amazed and delighted...THAT is the difference between Denver and Seattle. Seattleites would tell you where to go and wish you well, but they'd never drop what they were doing and just say "Hey, I'll take you there and make sure you're ok."

I watched them get off the bus and the lady had a daughter with her...they were quite a motley crew, as the guy with the thick New Orleans accent had pants on that were obviously donated...they fit up top, but were many inches too short.

I love taking the bus. You meet and see the most amazing people. I reached for the $10 I had in my wallet before they got off the bus, but they moved too fast. I would have gladly given it to them just so they could get a bite to eat or something.

I've made more friends casually here in Denver in 4 years than I did in all my 15 years in Seattle. Good friends too. Ah, Denver hospitality. Thank you, my adopted city. You are wonderful in more ways than one, but this is a big one.

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