Thursday, March 10, 2005

Work, then shower. In that order.

I got up early this morning...having a nightmare about my Mom being dead (she's not), and I dreamed I found out while I was smoking cigarettes and I was waiting for the social worker to come to my house for a home study, which was a complete catastrophe (Man, I wonder what's on my mind, death, adoption?)

But I digress.

This morning I get up, I decide to do yoga first thing, before coffee, before logging on, etc. Well, I do the yoga. All good. I shower, then fax a resume over to a temp agency just so I can say I applied for a job today.

With my hair still wet from my shower, I decide to go outside and trim back the roses. After all, I didn't do it in the fall when I should have, and well, there's "No time like the present".

So out I go. I get the roses trimmed back, then think "hey, the flower bed in front of the house could use some cleaning up" then, things are starting to look good, so I decide to rake up the pine cones the big fir tree dropped over the past winter....then the piece of resistance (yes, I know there's some sort of french word, but I don't speak french).

I'm not sweaty yet, but there's this big pile of rocks and "fill" that we excavated to put the roses in. It's been an eyesore to the entire neighborhood for some time, and figure hey -- "let's move that".

We would have put it in the back part of the back yard last year, but the dog house was there, and it has since been removed and the area completely cleaned out.

So I move this pile of rocks and fill in about 2 hours of heavy shoveling and wheelbarrowing.It's now noon and I'm a sweaty dirty mess.

I need a nap too, and before I can lay down anywhere I must clean up again.

Ok, that was fun. Fudge brownies to anyone who got this far.

I must say though that my front yard looks better than it has in a year.

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Tammy said...

Woohoo!!!! Gotta love yardwork!!! ANd in early March???? I want to snow gone here and pronto!!! Good for you for getting all that done...hoping your shower and nap were sweet...


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