Saturday, March 10, 2007

We're Walking, We're Walking...

Nothing lights my dog up like knowing she's going "go". This morning, I got up fairly early and ran some errands, and all I have to say is "Does Lucy want to GO?" and she lights up like a Christmas tree.

After we got back, I decided we should go to the dog park. The leash doesn't have to come out. Lucy recognizes my SHOES. THAT pair of Nikes come out, and she's buggy knowing she's on her way to her Happy Place.

My Lucy was found in the back of a K-Mart when she was just a few weeks old, in a town called Yakima, Washington. Brian and I were living there when our house was broken into, and I told the landlady that I wanted to get a dog to help protect the house.

She ok'd it, and I gave her an extra $100 deposit for whatever damage a puppy could do, and off to the Humane Society we went.

My dog was pretty much front and center as we entered the pound where the dogs were kept. She was the ONLY dog that wasn't barking her head off. Then she put her paw up to the cage as I talked to her, and well, that was it. That was 7 years ago now.

She barks when people come on the property, and she's protective, but she's a very good girl. She loves little kids, and little kids love her. My favorite thing on a walk is when a kid runs to Lucy saying "DOGGIE!" and I stop Lucy, have her sit, and let the kid pet her. She's happy. The kid's happy. I'm happy.

This past year I've noticed that she's getting to be middle aged -- slowing down a bit, and as I pet her and stare into her eyes, I realize she won't be with us forever, and that's why I need to appreciate her more than I have, and take her for more walks.

Lucy, I'm sure, thinks that's a TERRIFIC idea.

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Tammy said...

Ahhhh.... Lucy is beautiful. And walking is good. Wish you could come by and take!


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